WASHINGTON, D.C. — Accountable.US released the following statement in response to MAGA Republicans taking control of the House of Representatives with the election of  Rep. Kevin McCarthy as the 55th Speaker of the US House of Representatives.

If it wasn’t clear before, these past few days prove that MAGA Extremists are in charge of the House of Representatives. However, the chaos we witnessed for Kevin McCarthy’s Speakership pales in comparison to the chaos their MAGA agenda would bring to the American people: a national abortion ban, partisan political stunts masquerading as oversight, gutting Medicare and Social Security, and attacking basic voting rights."

Tony Carrk, Executive Director of Accountable.US

“The McCarthy MAGA agenda is not only badly out of step with the American people but will be particularly harmful to women, seniors, working families, and our Democracy itself,” continued Carrk.

McCarthy’s successful campaign for House Speaker relied heavily on key support from MAGA extremists in Congress. To expose the growing influence of MAGA extremists in Congress, Accountable.US recently released a memo on the extreme agenda embraced by Republicans vying for leadership positions in the House.

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