As public comment closes for a controversial plan to drill lands near sacred indigenous sites in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, non-partisan government watchdog Accountable.US is drawing attention to the histories of violations by oil and gas companies operating in the area.  

It would be naive to think these companies can be trusted to responsibly develop these lands given their troubling record of violations. The Biden Administration must move forward with the proposed buffer in order to protect indigenous communities, the environment, and all American taxpayers.”

Jordan Schreiber, Director of Energy and Environment

Accountable.US has documented that Enduring Resources, Hilcorp, EOG Resources, and DJR Energy have been responsible for myriad spills and incidents around Chaco Canyon, polluting nearby air and waters:

  • Enduring Resources caused a 59,000 gallon spill in Chaco Culture National Historical Park, followed just days letter by an explosion at a nearby wellsite
  • DJR Energy is responsible for 161 oil and gas incidents in New Mexico since 2017, including 22 on Native land
  • EOG Resources caused nearly 3,000 flaring instances in New Mexico in just two years
  • Hilcorp was fined over $1.62 million for failing to report spills or fix problems at facilities throughout the San Juan Basin.

These same companies have repeatedly pursued projects without consulting with or in direct opposition of Native American tribes. These include: 

  • Hilcorp tried to double its well density in the San Juan Basin without consulting impacted Native American tribes
  • DJR Resources is suing to allow fracking near archeological and cultural sites in the Mancos Shale
  • EOG Resources failed to consult any of the 17 tribes with historical presences in the Powder River Basin for their Sand Creek oil and gas project.
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