WASHINGTON, DC — Today, Walmart reported $16.3 billion in FY 2024 earnings, up 44% from FY 2023 earnings—a staggering total that comes as 3-in-5 Americans agree that corporate profiteering is a major driver of inflation and last week’s Consumer Price Index report revealed that cooling inflation was stilted by stubbornly high food prices. Walmart, the largest supermarket available to American families, has added to the problem by dramatically raising prices on their Great Value brand in recent years. 

After years of gross corporate profiteering, people are fed up with the excessive corporate profits that come at their own personal expense. Even as the Biden administration curtails inflation, corporate price gouging is keeping prices high. Cutting costs and expanding affordable food access is impossible so long as corporations like Walmart continue to treat our communities exclusively as an opportunity for profit.”

Accountable.US’ Liz Zelnick
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