Accountable.US released the following statement responding to news that the United States has now surpassed China in reported cases of COVID-19, becoming the world leader:

“In February, President Trump told us that cases of COVID-19 in the U.S. would be ‘down close to zero’ in a few days. Unsurprisingly, his foolish prediction did not materialize. Instead, cases of the virus in America have exploded. We now exceeded those in China and lead the world,” said Kyle Herrig, president of government watchdog group Accountable.US. “This news is only surprising to people who have not been paying attention. Trump disbanded the NSC task force charged with addressing pandemics and threw out its playbook designed to guide our response. He has downplayed, misled, and lied to the American people at every turn, and in doing so, he has made us all less safe and more susceptible to the virus.

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