WASHINGTON, DC — The U.S. Labor Department reported 216,000 new jobs created in December, marking four consecutive months of private-sector job growth and rounding out 36 months of labor market expansion despite corporate-driven inflation. 

As the economy makes huge strides towards a full recovery, it’s crucial to maintain improvements by putting pressure on corporations to lower prices for consumers. Even as more Americans gain access to well-paying jobs, corporations have used the pandemic and inflation as an excuse to nickel and dime struggling families. Just a quick review of this year’s sky-high corporate profits makes it clear that industry price-gouging and hidden junk fees are based on greed, not need.”

Liz Zelnick, Accountable.US’ Director Of Economic Security And Corporate Power.

Last month, a national survey commissioned by government watchdog Accountable.US found that many Americans believe excessive corporate price hikes are a major driver of inflation and higher costs. 60% of those polled also agreed that “cracking down on price gouging” and banning hidden junk fees would be effective at lowering costs. 

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