WASHINGTON — For the 147 Republican senators and congressmen who voted against certifying President Joe Biden’s 2020 victory, it looked as if their vote to subvert a free and fair election would hit them where it hurt most: their campaign bank accounts.

Campaign records show that major corporations and trade groups donated nearly $2.5 million in the three months from July through September, nearly $640,000 of which went to members of the “Sedition Caucus” in September alone, according to an analysis by the watchdog group Accountable.US, which the group shared exclusively with Rolling Stone. Those donors include the political action committees for blue-chip companies such as Pfizer, Boeing, FedEx, Marathon Petroleum, and Chevron. It also includes influential lobbying groups including the American Bankers Association, the Nuclear Energy Institute, and the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, the main lobbying group for the beef industry. In all, big corporations and lobbying groups have donated $5.8 million in all of 2021 so far to Republican objectors to the 2020 vote count, the latest campaign filings show.

“The deadly assault on the nation’s Capitol forever damaged our democracy, yet many corporations have done more than forgive and forget — they’re rewarding the lawmakers who helped instigate sedition,” Kyle Herrig, president of Accountable.US, tells Rolling Stone in a statement. “Corporations continuing to donate to members of the Sedition Caucus have made clear nothing trumps their need to hold political influence, not even a healthy democracy for their customers, employers, and shareholders.”

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