Following last week’s breaking news of decades-worth of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’s undisclosed luxury travel and gifts from billionaire megadonor Harlan Crow, government watchdog Accountable.US today released a more complete timeline of Clarence and wife Ginni Thomas’s financial benefits.

Timeline highlights:

  • 2001: Harlan Crow and wife Kathy give Thomas a bible once owned by Frederick Douglass, worth $19,000. That same year, Crow donated $175,000 for a new “Clarence Thomas wing” at the Justice’s childhood library in Pin Point, Georgia.
  • 2004: Thomas stops reporting gifts following a Los Angeles Times piece examining gifts received by Thomas and other Supreme Court justices. Over the following two decades, Thomas reports only two gifts — one of which comes from Crow.
  • 2008: Crow bankrolls plans for a historical museum commemorating Thomas’s childhood community in Pin Point, Georgia, spending $1.5 million on land to serve as the site of the museum.
  • 2009: Crow donates $500,000 to conservative political advocacy group Liberty Central, founded by Ginni Thomas.
  • 2018: The Harlan R. Crow Foundation, Inc. donates $105,000 to Yale Law School for the “Justice Thomas Portrait Fund.”
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