In recent days, a who’s who of right-wing pariahs, industry front groups, and self-interested politicians have come out of the woodwork to file amicus briefs in favor of a lawsuit before the Supreme Court brought by the predatory payday loan industry that seeks to gut the popular Consumer Financial Protection Bureau by striking down its independent funding structure – a transparent effort to bring an end to the agency and leave millions of consumers vulnerable to predatory financial industry behavior.

Government watchdog Accountable.US has been documenting the fringe elements that have come to the aid of predatory lenders, including: Mick Mulvaney, perhaps the most prolific industry shill and former Trump CFPB acting director; former top Trump CFPB official Eric Blankenstein who was ultimately ousted from his position after his old racist writings were exposed including his insistence that “the great majority of hate crimes were hoaxes.”; and John Eastman, seminal architect of President Trump’s insurrection strategy and former clerk of ethically-challenged Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

Read the full report here.

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