Congressional Republicans blocked a simple resolution acknowledging that Biden is the President-elect

After years of doing the bidding of special interest allies, Republicans are now obstructing President-elect Biden’s administration because he’ll prioritize workers and families first

Washington, DC – Today, Republican congressional leaders ignored the American people and blocked a simple resolution that essentially acknowledged Joe Biden as president-elect. The resolution failed on party lines, as Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, Senator Roy Blunt, and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy continued to cower in the shadow of President Trump and refused to acknowledge President-elect Biden’s victory or promote a peaceful transfer of power. After years of carrying water for their special interest allies and corporate donors, congressional Republicans are now obstructing President-elect Biden’s transition and incoming administration because of his commitment to prioritize workers and families. 

As the country faces a massive economic and public health crisis, Republicans have put up every roadblock they can think of to overturn the will of the people and deny President-elect Biden a functional government on day one of his administration. Senate Republicans are already laying the groundwork to obstruct or delay President-elect Biden’s Cabinet nominees — and at the same time denying the reality that he won the election. 

“This is the equivalent of a child throwing a temper tantrum — congressional Republicans can cover their eyes and plug their ears all they want, but it won’t change reality: Joe Biden is the president-elect and he’ll be sworn into office in January,” said Mairead Lynn, spokesperson for Accountable.US Senate War Room. “These delays aren’t just childish, they’re dangerous — and Republicans are putting people’s lives at risk by putting their special interest allies ahead of the American people.”  


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