Accountable.US Report Spotlights Leo’s Influence-Peddling, Extreme Agenda 

Washington, DC – Today, Accountable.US released a new report highlighting right-wing judicial activist Leonard Leo’s efforts to force an extreme agenda on Americans and influence-peddle at the highest levels of government.  

The report highlights the circular payment scheme between Leo’s nonprofit and for-profit organizations, which sparked the DC Attorney General’s investigation into Leo’s activities and his cozy financial ties to Supreme Court justices. Leo’s central role in the corruption crisis at the high court spurred Senate Judiciary subpoenas of Supreme Court “billionaire matchmaker” Leo and billionaire benefactor Harlan Crow.  

The new Accountable.US report also tracks Leo’s growing involvement in campaigns for key conservative causes, including:

  • Abortion: Following Leo’s handpicked SCOTUS majority’s decision in Dobbs, his network is turning its attention to the states, working to chip away at access to abortion for millions of Americans. 
  • Democracy: Leo is backing anti-democratic judges, funding the Attorneys General pushing cases to undermine voting rights before those judges, and using his nonprofit network to support those cases. 
  • Tax Reform: Leo is working to push radical cases through the courts that could provide a massive windfall for billionaires and undermine the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). 
  • Anti-ESG Extremism: The Leo-backed Consumers’ Research is pushing an “anti-woke” campaign to block responsible investing practices. 
  • Future of Conservative Movement: Leo is scheming to remake America in line with his extreme conservative vision through the Teneo Network and Project 2025. 

As Leo continues to push hundreds of millions of dollars through his network, Accountable.US continues to expose the money, corruption, and extremism at the heart of his influence. Learn more at


“2023 was not exactly a banner year for conservative kingpin Leonard Leo. As he continued to push radical, unpopular policies, Leo’s influence-peddling and self-enrichment finally caught up to him. After decades of manipulating American politics and the judiciary, Leo’s in hot water — facing serious investigations and increased scrutiny for his efforts to remake America to match his own extreme agenda.”

“Leo is no longer able to quietly pull the strings from one of his multiple beach houses in Maine or while pouring wine for Supreme Court justices from his private locker at Morton’s Steakhouse. He’s learning what it means to be scrutinized — and when you’ve been pushing election lies, working to ban abortion, and drawing up extreme, anti-democratic plans for a future right-wing administration, you’re bound to draw some ire. The constant stream of ethical and corruption scandals in 2023 interfered with Leo’s ability to effectively and discretely implement his right-wing agenda.”


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