WASHINGTON, DC – A new report from Accountable.US published today details the scope and scale of Leonard Leo’s multi-year scheme to cash in on his conservative activism. Recent tax filings revealed that over the past decade, at least seven Leo-linked nonprofits routed over $100 million to Leo’s for-profit consulting firm, CRC Advisors.

The new Accountable.US report details how Leo has used his right-wing nonprofit network and for-profit firm to create a massive circular payment structure, allowing Leo to upgrade his lifestyle. Since reports initially uncovered Leo’s self-enrichment scheme last year, DC Attorney General Brian Schwalb opened an investigation into the right-wing activist and the Senate Judiciary Committee authorized a subpoena

View the full report here.

While Leo leads his lavish lifestyle, he hasn’t taken his eye off of remaking America in line with his right-wing vision. Learn more about how he’s getting rich off his work to ban abortion, attack voting rights, and restrict consumer protections on Monitoring Influence.


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