As the Senate Banking Committee considers the nomination of Brian Miller to be Special Inspector General for Pandemic Recovery for the U.S. Department of the Treasury, government watchdog group Accountable.US released its top questions that American taxpayers deserve the answers to.

Accountable.US president Kyle Herrig: “Can a Trump loyalist who was Corporate America’s go-to guy for throwing government inspectors off their trail truly be an independent steward of taxpayer money in the corporate bailout process? All signs point to ‘no’ as Mr. Miller served on the President’s legal team when Trump signed an executive decree to disregard the fund’s transparency requirements.”

Does Brian D. Miller Believe He Has A Responsibility To Report Impediments To His Work As Pandemic IG To The Appropriate Congressional Committee? Did He Help The President Write His CARES Act Signing Statement Saying Otherwise?

  • During His 2005 confirmation hearing as GSA Inspector General, Brian D. Miller was asked by then Chairwoman Susan Collins: “If you run into difficulties in securing  documents or access to individuals within GSA that you believe are necessary to carry out your responsibilities, I would ask that you notify this Committee.
    • At the time, Miller responded: “I certainly will.”
    • President Trump has said he will not abide by the SIGPR reporting requirements outlined in the CARES Act, including those that permit the IG to issue reports to Congress.
  •  2018: Brian Miller wrote “IGs today must be extremely cautious about accepting a request from a member of Congress.”
    • Prior to his nomination as Inspector General, Brian D. Miller Served As “Special Assistant to the President and Senior Associate Counsel in the Office of White House Counsel.”

What Did Brian D. Miller Advise His Corporate Clients To Do If They Were Under Investigation By The Federal Government? Did He Ever Suggest They Be Less Than Forthcoming?

  • Rogers Joseph O’Donnell Touted Brian Miller’s Public Sector Experience Made “His Advice Invaluable To Individual And Corporate Clients Facing Any Government Audit, Investigation, Or Dispute.”
  • Brian Miller, Representing Rogers Joseph O’Donnell, Was A Speaker At An Event Called “What To Do When The Inspector General Knocks,” Held By The District Of Columbia Bar On March 20, 2018.

The Treasury Department Consulted With The White House Counsel’s Office On Matters Relating To The President’s Tax Returns; Was Brian D. Miller Involved In Those Conversations? Will He Consult With The White House Counsel If The President’s Finances Come Up During His Role As Inspector General?

  • Prior to his nomination as Inspector General, Brian D. Miller Served As “Special Assistant to the President and Senior Associate Counsel in the Office of White House Counsel.”
  • Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has admitted that his office confers with the White House Counsel’s Office on certain issues – particularly those relating to the President’s personal finances.
  • The SIGPR role is specifically tasked to oversee “Treasury programs.”


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