Washington, DC – Today, Patients Over Pharma released the following statement on the introduction in the House of Representatives of the Heroes Act.

“Patients and families across the country are suffering through a public health crisis that the Trump Administration is exacerbating with its incompetence and corruption, so we are glad that the House has stepped up to provide some much-needed relief.

“We are happy that the House took steps to protect Inspectors General from bullying and pressure, which people across the country had called for in the wake of Trump’s move to replace the Inspector General who alerted the public to critical supply shortages and testing delays. We are also glad to see provisions expanding health care coverage and taking steps to protect patients from out -of-pocket costs for COVID-19 treatments. 

“However, we are disappointed that the House didn’t take this opportunity to protect patients from drug company profiteering by mandating that any COVID-19 treatments or vaccines developed using taxpayer dollars be affordable and accessible to every American. We urge policymakers to push aside the drug company lobbyists and move quickly to address this issue, which has overwhelming public support. Patients across the country are suffering and scared, and there is no more time to waste.”

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