Washington D.C. – In the dead of night, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy made moves to calm division among his extreme MAGA ranks that can’t seem to agree what harmful economic ransom demands to make in exchange for not manufacturing a default crisis and deliberately cratering the economy. As some MAGA extremists demanded more pain for vulnerable Americans including seniors and homeless veterans, others insisted on taking away tens of thousands of good-paying clean energy infrastructure jobs under the popular Inflation Reduction Act. And Speaker McCarthy effectively responded, ‘Why not both?’ On top of rolling back billions of dollars for shovel-ready energy infrastructure jobs, the ‘revamped’ MAGA default bill would accelerate devastating cuts and counterproductive barriers to safety nets that keep the vulnerable families from going hungry. And despite tweaks, the revised bill “would still repeal the tax credits on clean fuels” – threatening renewable fuels industry jobs like the more than 48,000 supported by the industry in Iowa alone. 

The MAGA default plan was extreme enough, shipping 100,000 good-paying manufacturing jobs overseas and hurting the very constituents House Republicans claim to support including law enforcement, veterans, seniors, and workers. Now they threaten to do away with tens of thousands of construction and rural jobs while putting vulnerable families on a fast track to food insecurity. All these extreme MAGA tweaks in the dead of night looking to punish even more everyday Americans, and still no provisions asking billionaires or profiteering corporations to contribute a penny more."

said Kyle Herrig, president of Accountable.US

Accountable.US is running ads in 5 Republican House Districts today outlining specific harms the extreme MAGA default plan will bring to average Americans.

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