Washington D.C. – Today, government watchdog Accountable.US launched a paid mobile billboard ad campaign in five congressional districts urging key House Republicans to oppose the extreme MAGA default plan expected to face a vote this week. The ads running outside member district offices this week spotlight how the proposed MAGA cuts specifically undermine public safety by cutting thousands of law enforcement jobs, and hurt veterans,  seniors, and  workers – while leaving in place special tax breaks and loopholes for billionaires and big corporations. Click on a Member to view the ad: Jen Kiggans (R-VA-2), Anthony D’Esposito (R-NY-4), Marcus Molinaro (R-NY-19), Brandon Williams (R-NY-22), John Duarte (R-CA-13). Ad Backup found HERE. 

The extreme MAGA default plan hurts the very constituents House Republicans claim to support: law enforcement, veterans, seniors, and workers. Anyone who votes for this plan will have to answer why they wanted to take the economy hostage to make our communities less safe and their constituents with less health and food security --- all while protecting debt-ballooning tax breaks for billionaires and corporations that profiteer and ship jobs overseas. Seniors and veterans hit hardest under the MAGA majority cuts won’t need to be reminded of who to blame.”

Kyle Herrig, president of Accountable.US.

The MAGA Majority’s Lose-Lose Proposition for American People: With the U.S. Treasury Department projecting the nation will fall into a default crisis as early as June, the MAGA Majority is playing dangerous political games with Americans’ lives and the economy. They intend to keep the nation from paying its bills in exchange for extreme and harmful cuts aimed at America’s seniors, veterans and children. If their demands are not met, the MAGA House threatens to force a manufactured default crisis that would disrupt Social Security and Medicare payments; skyrocket interest rates on items like credit cards, car loans, and mortgage rates; and usher in a deep recession. The House should instead listen to the overwhelming majority of Americans demanding a clean bill allowing the nation to pay its bills to avoid default – not a bill crafted behind closed doors by the most extreme wing of the caucus and with no input from a single congressional committee.



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