new tax filing obtained by Accountable.US, first covered in The Daily Beasttoday revealed that MAGA megadonor Richard Uihlein dumped over $1 million into the post-Roe anti-abortion movement through his family foundation in 2022. Meanwhile, the far-right Restoration of America — funded almost exclusively by the Uihleins — increased its giving by millions in 2022, suggesting a larger shift in the Uihleins’ giving strategy.

For years, billionaire conservative megadonors Dick and Liz Uihlein bankrolled the anti-democratic extremist groups that brought us the January 6th insurrection. Now, they’re dumping millions into groups working to abolish abortion access across the country and appear to be purposefully funneling even more through a separate nonprofit to distance themselves from their own extremism. But the truth is clear: the Uihleins’ continued funding of the far-right’s most extreme causes is nothing more than a desperate attempt to force an unpopular, radical agenda on Americans everywhere."

Accountable.US President Caroline Ciccone

The Ed Uihlein Family Foundation’s new 990 reveals that the group granted over $2 million to right-wing organizations in 2022. Much of this funding went to key groups organizing the post-Roe anti-abortion movement, including a $1 million contribution to Ben Carson’s American Cornerstone Institute, which helped form the extreme anti-abortion coalition working to ban abortion at the state level. Other anti-abortion groups receiving Uihlein funding include Becket, the American Legislative Exchange Council, and Pro Life Action League.

Restoration of America’s new 990 shows that the Uihleins likely granted over $22 million to the far-right nonprofit, making up nearly three-quarters of the group’s total intake of contributions in 2022. Restoration of America then shuffled over $13 million to right-wing organizations promoting extremist and anti-democratic causes such as Susan B. Anthony List and the Lawyers Democracy Fund.

The filings also reveal seemingly the first direct convergence of “arguably the three most influential conservative megadonors in the country”: Uihlein, investor Jeff Yass, and conservative kingpin Leonard Leo. Restoration of America’s 990 exposes an affiliated organization called Foundation for Fair Courts, a conservative group working to capture control of state supreme courts. With a $1 million grant from his Concord Fund, Leo was behind almost all of the money Foundation for Fair Courts raised in 2022.

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