WASHINGTON, DC – Accountable.US today obtained the 2022 990 tax form for the Teneo Network, the secretive group that promises to “crush liberal dominance” chaired by conservative kingpin Leonard Leo. Teneo has been described as a “Federalist Society for everything.”

Leonard Leo has become the driving force behind the Teneo Network, a secretive organization working to push an ultra-MAGA agenda on a national scale. This is how Leo works — through his dark money network and far-right groups, he works to remake society to match his radical, unpopular agenda,” said Accountable.US president Caroline Ciccone.

Key findings from Teneo Network’s 2022 990:

  • Teneo Network’s contributions and grants rose by over $1 million in 2022, while its expenses rose by over $1.4 million.
  • Leonard Leo remains Teneo’s chairman, and Jonathan Bunch, Leo’s “right hand man” at the Federalist Society, continues to sit on the board of directors.
  • John Coleman remains on Teneo’s board of directors. Coleman has also served on the board of “powerful conservative thinktank” and right-wing dark money network group, the Heritage Foundation.

View the 2022 form HERE

Accountable.US launched its Monitoring Influence database to document and track the dark influence network made up of dangerous groups like the Teneo Network. Learn more at MonitoringInfluence.org.

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