New reporting has detailed Leonard Leo’s recent efforts to leverage his network of dark money organizations and his $1.6 billion windfall to push his extreme, far-right agenda. From pouring millions into Project 2025 advisory groups to seemingly launching a coordinated campaign to stymie an ongoing DC AG probe, Leo continues to manipulate the political system for his personal gain.

Accountable.US has been closely tracking the expansion of Leo’s efforts as he deploys his $1.6 billion slush fund to reshape America. Leo continues to expand his influence beyond his court capture campaign, now bankrolling the “MAGA blueprint” for the future of the conservative movement and coordinating allies to push back on necessary oversight. And, somehow, he still finds the time to attack those who question the legality of his shady self-dealings.”

Accountable.US President Caroline Ciccone

More on Leo’s recent efforts to push his extreme agenda: 

NBC: Leonard Leo, Koch networks pour millions into groups prepping for potential second Trump administration

  • Since 2021, Leo’s network and groups that have gotten funding from it have funneled over $50.7 million to the groups advising the 2025 Presidential Transition Project as part of its “Project 2025 advisory board,” according to tax documents reviewed as part of the analysis by Accountable.US, a progressive advocacy group.
  • Accountable.US executive director Tony Carrk warned that Project 2025’s stark conservative program and its advisory groups are made possible by funding from right-wing donors’ funneling tens of millions of dollars to the effort.
  • “The ‘MAGA blueprint’ isn’t a one-off project — it’s backed by the same far-right figures who have long dictated the conservative agenda,” Carrk said. “Leo, Koch and others should be held to account for propping up a policy platform that puts special interests over everyday Americans and poses an existential threat to our democracy.”

POLITICO: What happens when an AG dares to investigate Leonard Leo’s network

  • Allies of Leonard Leo have mounted a monthslong offensive against the man investigating the judicial activist’s network: Washington, D.C., Attorney General Brian Schwalb.
  • Since news of the probe broke last August:
  • the GOP chairs of powerful congressional committees launched their own investigation of Schwalb’s investigation; 
  • conservative media wrote articles criticizing Schwalb on unrelated crime issues — based on a social media post from a top Leo lieutenant; 
  • and a group of his Republican law enforcement peers sent letters warning Schwalb to stand down.
  • “Leonard Leo is working to implement policies with a vision that’s far too extreme for most Americans. Now, members of Congress have weaponized their government power against his critics,” said Caroline Ciccone, president of Accountable.US, a progressive watchdog group. “Leo may consider himself to be beyond scrutiny, but he isn’t. He and his network must be held to the same standards as everyday Americans.”

Rolling Stone: Supreme Court Puppetmaster Explains How Billionaires Can Push America Right

  • Leo spoke about his $1.6 billion dark money fund, called the Marble Freedom Trust, explaining: “We’re trying to really institute a lot of legal and social change through philanthropy.” He also offered his thoughts on how billionaires can help conservatives limit regulations, take over corporate C-suites, reshape America’s education system, and influence our culture.
  • “It’s really important that we flood the zone with cases that challenge misuse of the Constitution by the administrative state and by Congress […] We have a great Overton window in the next couple of decades to really try to create a free society,” Leo said of the Supreme Court. “And I think we should take full advantage of it.”
  • Leo has financed the right-wing campaign against so-called “woke capitalism,” targeting the use of ESG — environmental, social, and governance — criteria in investment decisions.


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