Biden administration rule enables government to plan for land protection

The Department of the Interior today released a new rule that moves American taxpayers toward an equal footing with Big Oil companies on lands owned by the federal government. 

This rule starts to end Big Oil’s special treatment by the federal government when it comes to managing assets that belong to all Americans. Huge energy companies have spent millions to make politicians put them at the front of the line to profit from public lands for too long. We applaud the Biden administration for beginning to reverse the unfair access these powerful special interest groups have enjoyed at the expense of ordinary Americans.” 

Jordan Schreiber, Director of Energy at Accountable.US.

President Biden’s new rule enables the Bureau of Land Management to plan for protecting natural areas under public ownership that have significant natural value, in addition to its ongoing commitment to other extractive uses. This comes as part of his prior commitment to protect land and water through the popular America the Beautiful initiative

Massive oil and gas companies have been some of the largest spenders in American elections while more and more natural areas have been replaced by industrial development. 

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