New reporting exposes staggering levels of grift from former Trump attorney

WASHINGTON, DC – New reporting in Rolling Stone today revealed the latest in staggering grift from MAGA world. Former Trump attorney Jay Sekulow operates two nonprofits that have paid him, his family, and their companies at least $145 million over the past two decades. The figure, based partially on new tax filings from 2022, is more than double what has been previously reported.

Jay Sekulow is the latest case of textbook right-wing MAGA grift. These extremists will stop at nothing to force their radical, unpopular agenda on everyday Americans while personally profiting — this time to the tune of tens of millions of dollars."

Accountable.US president Caroline Ciccone.

Rolling Stone highlights:

“Evangelical Lawyer Jay Sekulow, who defended Donald Trump in his first impeachment trial, is still cashing in on the former president’s misdeeds. As states consider whether to disqualify Trump from their ballots for engaging in insurrection, Sekulow and his family have been working furiously to raise money for their campaign to keep the Republican primary frontrunner on state ballots — a fight he’s now brought before the Supreme Court.”  

“This latest Trump defense project is being led through Sekulow’s right-wing litigation and advocacy machine, which has made the lawyer and his family very wealthy. Since 2001, the nonprofit network has funneled more than $145 million to Sekulow, his relatives, and companies affiliated with the family, according to research compiled by the progressive watchdog group Accountable.US. 

In recent years, the family’s nonprofit legal network has helped lay the groundwork for Supreme Court decisions overturning federal protection for abortion rights, invalidating a common gun control measure, ending affirmative action at universities, and striking down President Joe Biden’s student debt forgiveness plan.” 

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