A new federal rule issued by the Office of Personnel Management today will strengthen protections for nonpartisan civil servants across the country, protecting against Project 2025’s threat to purge the independent civil service and replace them with ideologically-aligned staffers.

Project 2025 threatens tens of thousands of federal agency workers currently delivering for Americans. While laying the groundwork for a future conservative administration to seize power and purge civil servants, the extremists behind the Project are also scheming to enact radical plans that would fundamentally reshape Americans’ lives.

Project 2025 lays out how the right-wing plans to impose an extreme agenda while weakening our democratic institutions. One of their goals is to replace independent civil servants with loyalists. It’s more important than ever to expose the key funders, leaders, and extremists behind the dangerous project putting special interests over Americans and threatening to undermine our democracy."

Accountable.US executive director Tony Carrk

Democracy Forward laid out these threats in a recent report detailing Project 2025’s attacks on the independent civil service. The goal to purge nonpartisan civil servants and replace them with ideologically-aligned individuals is supported by a MAGA coalition led by former Trump administration officials, the Heritage Foundation, and over 100 other right-wing organizations behind the Project 2025 initiative.

Accountable.US recently launched its Expose Project 2025 campaign to uncover the sprawling dark money network, key funders, and conservative figures behind the extreme Project 2025 effort threatening our democracy. Learn more at ExposeProject2025.org.


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