Today, ahead of the U.S. Supreme Court’s hearing on the landmark case, Moore v. Harper, Accountable.US is highlighting profiles on the anti-voting rights groups working from the shadows to support the plaintiffs in the case. 

The profiles detail four powerful anti-voting rights groups that filed amicus briefs in the upcoming Supreme Court case, Moore v. Harper, voicing support for the implementation of the fringe Independent State Legislature Theory, which would give sole authority over federal elections to state legislatures and disrupt American democracy. Many of these same groups engage in advocacy work to place burdensome restrictions on ballot access, bolster gerrymandering, and recently aided in the failed effort to overturn the results of the 2020 Presidential Election. 

For years, right-wing extremists and anti-voting rights groups have chipped at our democratic rights. Now, some of these same groups, funded by out-of-touch right-wing donors are pressuring the Supreme Court to make state legislatures the sole authority over our elections, clearing the way for election subversion. We can not allow groups hiding in the shadows to break down our constitutional rights and derail our democracy.”

Kayla Hancock, Director of Power and Influence

Profiled organizations include:

  • Honest Elections Project: Since the 2020 election, the organization teamed up with high-profile conservative groups to create the template for Republican lawmakers to pass more restrictive voting laws. [Read The Profile]
  • Restoring Integrity and Trust in Elections: The organization is involved in lawsuits in six battleground states seeking to uphold gerrymandering, and stop ballot curing.  [Read The Profile]

  • Lawyers Democracy Fund: Lawyers Democracy Fund defends strict voter ID laws and backed a law that a federal appeals court judge said “target[ed] African-Americans with almost surgical precision.”  [Read The Profile]

  • Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF): Public Interest Legal Foundation engages in voter suppression efforts and spreads false information about voter and election fraud.  [Read The Profile]
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