Big Oil has spent handsomely to earn the support of corrupt members who back plan to protect their sweetheart deals

WASHINGTON, DC — Accountable.US released the following statement as Congress considers an appropriations bill that radically alters the American environmental regulatory system, including President Biden’s recent reforms to the federal oil and gas leasing program. 

The MAGA majority’s spending plan would cut the heart out of our country’s protections for clean air, water and human health, all to reward their special interest allies. President Biden’s plan to end sweetheart deals for oil companies that drill public oil is on the side of American taxpayers who work hard to pay their fair share. MAGA members of Congress would send us back to the days when the most powerful corporations in the world could exploit public resources for below-market rates and leave taxpayers to foot the bill for abandoned well cleanup.”

Chris Marshall, spokesperson for Accountable.US.

Accountable.US’s research has demonstrated that the biggest, most profitable oil corporations are the one that benefit the most from the problems President Biden’s reforms address. When that same language was voted on in committee it was approved by members who raked in over $3.8 million dollars in campaign contributions from Big Oil over the course of their careers. 

Altogether, the House Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act includes at least 40 dangerous, anti-environmental riders which undercut the Department of the Interior’s vital conservation and climate efforts.The MAGA-led House Rules Committee previously blocked the amendment offered by House Natural Resources Committee Ranking Member Raúl Grijalva (D-AZ-7) to remove the harmful riders while allowing dozens of handouts to profiteering oil and gas companies to be considered when votes are expected late tonight.

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