Unless Congress can pass a budget in time, the United States government will officially shut down on Sunday, October 1st. And it’s entirely the fault of the MAGA House Majority, who are putting a fringe faction’s wishlist above the needs of their own constituents.

This MAGA shutdown was already extremely unpopular with Americans to begin with. A recent Navigator poll found that two out of three Americans agreed Congress should avoid shutting down the federal government at all costs. In spite of this, MAGA House Republicans are fast-tracking a shutdown that will hurt millions of Americans in hopes of pushing their radical and unpopular agenda through Congress, including cutting funding for Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. While the goal of MAGA House Republicans is to defund these programs, a government shutdown could lead to disruptions in receiving benefits and services from Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, leaving millions of vulnerable Americans without reliable access to essential healthcare services or a social safety net. 

Even if Congress rejects these demands and enters a shutdown, Americans will still be on the hook for the MAGA House’s antics. Federal employees could find themselves in jeopardy, as millions of military service members and other government workers could stop receiving pay and be sent home, with others required to work without pay until the government reopens. In addition to the financial hardship this puts on federal employees’ families, these careless cuts hurt our economy and put our country’s national security at risk. 

Meanwhile, millions of struggling Americans can expect to lose food assistance from programs like SNAP and WIC, face slower service from crucial federal agencies like the IRS, encounter travel delays, and have a hard time even accessing national parks. 

So, where does Congress currently stand? House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has failed to wrangle enough votes to pass his majority’s extreme demands and his House is in disarray– leaving America very likely looking at a shutdown and all the consequences that come with it. 

Those consequences could be severe and long-lasting – and it’s only happening because MAGA House Republicans care more about political stunts than the well-being and safety of Americans. 

It’s time to demand accountability from MAGA Republicans and call on them to prioritize our country over the whims of a corrupt few. 

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