Today, the MAGA majority in the House passed a bill that would obstruct one of President Biden’s primary tools for fighting Big Oil’s price gouging. At the same time, the plans makes it easier to give away control of public lands to their industry allies. The Strategic Production Response Act, H.R. 21, passed on a vote 221 to 205 and has little chance of passing the Senate and faces a veto promised by President Biden.

American consumers pay more for energy so Big Oil can get richer under Kevin McCarthy’s plan. Big Oil CEOs have given the MAGA majority big bucks while the rest of us simply pay our taxes so it’s no surprise they come out ahead.”

Jordan Schreiber, Director of Energy and Environment at Accountable.US

H.R. 21 is just the latest example in a long pattern of Congressional Republicans wasting public resources passing legislation for big oil. Last year, right-wing members of Congress tried to obstruct President Biden from taking even relatively modest measures to address the skyrocketing price of gas for American consumers. Biden’s SPR release helped drop oil prices by $1.69 per gallon since their peak. 

The bill’s passage is only the latest extension of this fight, which is sure to continue through the next two years. In response, Accountable.US released the following statement and analysis debunking the new majority’s erroneous justifications for passing the bill.  

Debunking Strategic Production Response Act Lies:

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