Tax records reveal how Leo uses dark money to eliminate state abortion protections

WASHINGTON, DC – New reporting from The Lever yesterday revealed that a deceptive anti-abortion campaign targeting Kansas voters was bankrolled by none other than conservative kingpin Leonard Leo, further exposing where funds from Leo’s historic $1.6 billion dark money fund are being funneled.

This is just the latest in Leonard Leo’s decades-long ploy to force an extreme, unpopular agenda on Americans everywhere. With all this money under his control, Leo is pushing his radical agenda at the state-level by funding dangerous misinformation campaigns like this one, deploying state attorneys general to do his bidding, and moving extreme bills in state legislatures.”

Accountable.US spokesperson Kayla Hancock.

The Lever highlights:

“The dark money network led by conservative Supreme Court architect Leonard Leo financed the nonprofit that bankrolled a misleading text message campaign pretending a Kansas ballot measure would “give women a choice,” when it actually would have eliminated state abortion protections.

New tax documents hint at how Leo’s network has been quietly working to influence abortion policy in the states utilizing his historic $1.6 billion dark money fund, in the wake of the Supreme Court decision last year overturning Roe v. Wade and ending federal protections for abortion rights. As President Donald Trump’s judicial adviser, Leo helped select three of the six justices making up the Supreme Court’s conservative supermajority.”

“The Leo network’s donation to CatholicVote Civic Action came via the Concord Fund, the conservative advocacy group that spent tens of millions to confirm the three Supreme Court nominees whom Leo helped select as former Trump’s judicial adviser.”

Tax records show the Concord Fund raised $29 million between July 2021 and June 2022, all of which appears to have come from Leo’s Marble Freedom Trust. Marble Freedom Trust was recently revealed to have given away millions of dollars in 2021 to right-wing causes and interest groups.

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