WASHINGTON, DC – Accountable.US today obtained the 2022 990 tax forms for Leonard Leo-linked groups 85 FundBH Fund, and Concord Fund, revealing millions more moving through Leo’s self-enrichment scheme.

Leonard Leo's circular profit scheme — funneling money from his key nonprofits to his for-profit firm — continues, ensuring Leo keeps benefiting from his own dark money network. It’s groups like the 85 Fund and Concord Fund that make it possible for Leo to force his radical agenda on everyday Americans and personally profit at the same time,” said Accountable.US executive director Tony Carrk.

Key findings from new Leonard Leo network 2022 990s:

85 Fund:

  • Contributions to the 85 Fund increased by roughly 15% and the group’s grantmaking increased by almost 30% between 2021 and 2022.
  • The 85 Fund paid Leonard Leo’s firm CRC Advisors $21.36 million.
  • The 85 Fund reported several employees for the first time, including:
    • Oramel Skinner, executive director of Alliance for Consumers (a Concord Fund alias).
    • Jason Snead, executive director of the Honest Elections Project (an 85 Fund alias).
    • Trent England, founder and executive director of Save Our States, a group that opposes abolishing the electoral college.
    • Ann Corkery, wife of Neil Corkery, CFO of Leo’s CRC Advisors and bookkeeper for Marble Freedom Trust.

View the 85 Fund’s 2022 990 form HERE.

BH Fund:

  • Before becoming defunct, BH Fund transferred $2,915,780 in publicly traded securities and $1,150,000 in closely held stock to Rule Of Law Trust – where Leonard Leo is trustee and sole officer.

View BH Fund’s 2022 990 form HERE.

Concord Fund:

  • As in previous years, the Concord Fund paid Leo’s CRC Advisors millions of dollars for “consulting” work.
  • The Concord Fund’s millions of dollars to right-wing organizations included a $1,000,000 grant to the Foundation for Fair Courts, an organization connected to the Uihlein-linked, far-right Restoration of America. Foundation for Fair Courts led a campaign to amend the South Carolina constitution to enable the state legislature to install a conservative majority on the state supreme court.

View the Concord Fund’s 2022 990 form HERE.

Accountable.US launched its Monitoring Influence database to document and track the dark influence network made up of dangerous groups like the 85 FundBH Fund, and The Concord Fund. Learn more at MonitoringInfluence.org.

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