WASHINGTON, DC – In a rare podcast interview with the right-leaning Maine Wire released today, conservative kingpin Leonard Leo made inflammatory comments on everything from dark money to the Supreme Court, revealing just how out-of-touch he is with everyday Americans. 

Maine Wire describes Leo as a “Mainer,” accurate only because Leo’s skyrocketing personal wealth enabled him to purchase a lavish mansion in Mount Desert, Maine, an affluent seaside town known as a “haven for a number of heirs to Gilded Age oil, industrial and banking barons like the Rockefellers and Morgans.”

From the Supreme Court corruption crisis to the far-right crusade against ESG, Leonard Leo is using his dark influence network to force his radical, unpopular agenda. Even better, he makes sure he and his friends get rich while doing it. Leonard Leo has no problem throwing everyday Americans under the bus, as long as he benefits.”

Accountable.US senior advisor Kyle Herrig.

Interview highlights:

  • Just days after receiving a letter inquiring about his role in Justice Alito’s unreported Alaskan vacation, Leo downplayed the Supreme Court corruption crisis that has garnered bipartisan criticism and has caused public trust in the Court to plummet to historic lows
  • In attacking ESG, Leo specifically called out companies — Coca Cola, Nike, and Ticketmaster — that have been direct targets of attack campaigns from Leo-backed dark money group Consumers’ Research. With backing from Leo, the group has launched an “anti-woke” campaign, using antisemitic tropes and racist dog whistles to rile up the ultra conservative base.

Learn more about Leo’s extremist agenda and his extensive dark influence network at LeonardLeo.org.


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