WASHINGTON, D.C.The mess Donald Trump and his Senate allies are leaving behind for President-elect Joe Biden grew worse as another 885,000 workers filed for unemployment last week — 23,000 more than the previous week. More than 20 million Americans remain without work the week before Christmas. Yet, negotiations over the next major stimulus package inexcusably continue to drag on as Mitch McConnell and Trump’s Senate allies keep fighting to give as little as possible to struggling workers, small businesses, and local governments. While the House passed a serious relief bill last May, the McConnell-led Senate remains several months past due in passing any bill that begins to meet the magnitude of the deep recession and health crisis continuing to plague American families. That there is any movement at all toward a deal from Senator McConnell’s side is apparently more motivated by politics than helping millions of people who are hurting during a historic crisis.  

“As hundreds of thousands of Americans continue to lose their jobs every week, there should be no debate that more relief, not less, is needed from Washington. But if Mitch McConnell has his way, any relief deal will offer as little as possible for the struggling workers, small businesses, and local governments hit hardest by the health crisis and Trump recession,” said Jeremy Funk, spokesman for Accountable.US. “Half measures for out of-work families now will only push economic recovery further down the road. If McConnell thinks leaving an economic mess for the Biden administration will reflect poorly on anyone but him and his fellow obstructionists, he’s been spending too much time on Parler.” 


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