Ahead of the January 6th committee’s final report, government watchdog Accountable.US released a new analysis exposing the ways in which Jan 6th figures like Cleta Mitchell, Mark Meadows, John Eastman, Kurt Olsen and groups like The Conservative Partnership Institute, FreedomWorks, and the Bradley Foundation continue to influence American politics. These key MAGA figures and organizations currently occupy a prominent status within conservative political circles despite their role in the insurrection.


It's an extensional threat to democracy when individuals and groups that played a critical role in fomenting a violent insurrection are given prominent platforms to undermine our elections and fundamental rights."

Kayla Hancock, Director of the Power And Influence Program

Report Highlights

  • Kurt Olsen: Olsen is on the legal team representing defeated GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake in her latest attempt to overturn the results of Arizona’s midterm election.

  • Cleta Mitchell: Mitchel maintains several posts at prominent conservative organizations, like the Bradley Foundation, FreedomWorks, and the Conservative Policy Institute. Since Jan 6th, Mitchel has directed her attention to attacking voting rights, spreading election lies, and intimidating voters.

  • John Eastman: Eastman is a board member and senior fellow at the Claremont Institute, which has been called “The Intellectual Home Of America’s Trumpist Right” and “a Nerve Center of the American Right”. Despite his efforts to assist with overturning the 2020 election, Eastman continued to work for the group and filed multiple amicus briefs to the Supreme Court for the organization in 2022.

  • The Conservative Partnership Institute: The group is home to Mitchell and Mark Meadows and works closely with numerous members of congress to host conferences and events to promote their hard-right agenda. Several members of congress even donate to the organization.

  • Bradley Foundation: The group touts Cleta Mitchell as a board member. The Bradley Foundation is a right-wing funder that has given away nearly $1 billion to various groups since its inception in 2012. The New Yorker estimated that since Mitchell joined the group, it has spent roughly $18 million to push for voter suppression or spread conspiracies and disinformation that undermined public confidence in election security. 
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