Democracy is good for business. So why are so many corporations undermining our elections?

Corporations make promises to support our democracy, but too often turn their backs on those commitments. Instead, they spend money influencing elections and lobbying policymakers to rig the system in their favor.


Exposing Corporate Hypocrisy

Corporations that say they care about democracy, but take actions that undermine voting rights, election integrity, and our democratic system. Our investigative research shines a light on their hypocrisy, pressuring corporations to align their political activity with their stated values and empowering the American people to hold those in power accountable and demand change.

Standing Up for Democracy

Our investigative research provides the public with valuable information they can use to get corporate leaders and policymakers to act in ways that align with our shared values and protect our democracy.

Corporate Democratic Values Accountability

The American Democracy Scorecard is a living, interactive resource that grades the country’s biggest corporations on their support for democracy.

American Democracy Scorecard Anti-Democracy Donations Database

Corporate Donations to Seditionists

In the wake of the unprecedented conspiracy to overturn the results of a democratic election, hundreds of companies made promises to defend democracy—did they?

Corporate Donations Tracker

Protecting Voting Rights

We expose corporations that publicly supported voting rights but then donated to elected officials who oppose bills that expand and protect those rights.

Major Corporations Undermining Democracy

Here are some of the biggest corporate offenders when it comes to supporting the sedition caucus and undermining our democracy.

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Home Depot


Lockheed Martin


Stay Informed

Get the latest news on how we’re holding big business, government officials, and special interests accountable, and what you can do to get involved.

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