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Today, Trump Federal Board nominee Judy Shelton desperately tried to disavow her 30-year career of unorthodox and extreme views on monetary policy — and a busload of other baggage — at her confirmation hearing before the Senate Banking Committee.

But Shelton apparently didn’t just fail to assuage concerns from a growing number of Senate Republicans. Even her fellow nominee Christopher Waller – an economist with a long tenure in the Federal Reserve system – refused to say whether he’d recommend Shelton for the seat or whether he’d be comfortable hiring her for a job in his office. Awkward.

See video HERE and a transcript below:

Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH): Mr. Waller, given Ms. Shelton’s answers on monetary policy in her thirty years of writing on the gold standard, would you recommend we confirm her to the Fed?

Dr. Christopher Waller:  Senator, that’s your decision, not mine.

Sen. Brown: I figured that would be your answer. Let me ask in a different way. So, you’re at St. Louis Fed, right?

Dr. Waller: Correct.

Sen. Brown: If you were interviewing for your research department, would you hire her?

Dr. Waller: I have a very different research department, in terms of the type of academic research we do. Judy’s been much more in the public light, in terms of her research. My department’s all publishing for academic journals. No, that’s not [inaudible]

Sen. Brown: If someone brought her body of work and writing to you, would you hire her? Or him?

Dr. Waller: Like I said, where her outlets are compared to what we expect our staff… They’re just two different outlets for your research.

Sen. Brown: Mr. Chairman, just a last statement. The takeaway is that we don’t know who we are nominating to the Federal Reserve. Ms. Shelton has disavowed forty years of her writing, as so many on this panel have shown, to say what she needs to say to be confirmed. It isn’t just my colleagues on the Democratic side of the aisle who are concerned. I heard Senator Shelby’s concerns, I’ve heard Senator Toomey’s, I’ve heard others. But, conservatives outside of this body are concerned.

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