WASHINGTON, DC – New reporting from ProPublica today provides an in-depth understanding of Leonard Leo’s conservative Supreme Court capture campaign, revealing the inside story of how the far-right moneyman worked to remake the American legal system to match his radical, unpopular agenda.

As ProPublica notes: “[Leo] realized it was not enough to have a majority of Supreme Court justices. To undo landmark rulings like Roe, his movement would need to make sure the court heard the right cases brought by the right people and heard by the right lower court judges. Leo began building a machine to do just that.”

This is how Leonard Leo works: he leverages his shady network, his cozy relationships with decision-makers, and his handpicked Supreme Court to push his radical agenda because he knows it would never win at the ballot box. It’s long past time for Leo to be held accountable for his longtime efforts to roll back everyday Americans’ rights and undermine democracy,” said Accountable.US president Caroline Ciccone.

The reporting highlights Leo’s ploy to influence key state lawmakers to support litigation in the interest of donors, first revealed in last week’s episode of ProPublica’s “We Don’t Talk About Leonard” podcast. Leo appears to have used his personal and financial connections in an attempt to eliminate crucial safeguards in the post-financial crisis Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform & Consumer Protection Act. Citing Accountable.US research, ProPublica exposed unreported meetings between Leo, hedge fund billionaire and anti-CFPB crusader Paul Singer, and then-Texas AG Greg Abbott. 

Leo’s influence in advancing the cause is evident: “a person who worked in the Montana attorney general’s office said Leo called its newly elected leader, Republican Tim Fox, about the case. Montana would not have joined the suit, this person said, if Leo had not called Fox.”

Learn more about Leonard Leo, his dark money network, and his dangerous agenda at: LeonardLeo.org.

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