Government watchdog Accountable.US launched a campaign to highlight DC Attorney General Brian Schwalb’s investigation into Leonard Leo’s shady nonprofit network, after new reporting from Politico revealed the probe into his self-enrichment scheme. 

The campaign included projections on the Federalist Society’s DC headquarters and wheatpasting around DC, featuring images of Leo’s face and recent headlines exposing his self-dealing. Leo is the former executive vice president and current co-chair of the ultra-right-wing Federalist Society.

Accountable.US also published a new report detailing Leo’s circular profit scheme. Over decades, Leo has used his extensive nonprofit network to line his own pockets while stacking the judiciary with conservative ideologues and undermining democracy.

As Leo’s legal and ethical violations pile up, it’s past time he’s held accountable for his actions," said Accountable.US senior advisor Kyle Herrig.

“While he’s buying vacation homes, his hand-picked Justices are stripping Americans of their rights and brazenly violating ethics rules. Whether it’s the American judiciary or his own network of conservative organizations, Leo’s corrupting influence is a constant,” Herrig continued.

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