WASHINGTON, D.C. – Government watchdog Accountable.US called out the hypocritical and transparently political threat from a cabal of Republican attorneys general that are criticizing a provision in the Biden American Rescue Plan restricting states from squandering federal aid dollars to offset tax cuts for things like aircraft maintenance. Former President Trump signed a law that included restrictions on previous aid in the CARES Act just a year ago, qualifying municipal aid so that it could only be used on COVID-related expenses.

“Considering their silence over aid restrictions signed into law by former President Trump last year, it’s clear these right-wing AGs really only take issue with the fact their guy no longer occupies the White House. Where was their lawsuit when Trump was in office?” said Accountable.US spokesperson Jeremy Funk. “This is just the latest frivolous attempt by Republican AGs to slow down the Biden administration as it deals with the incredible mess the previous administration left behind — but time is not a luxury struggling Americans can afford right now.”  

Under the Trump-passed CARES Act in 2020, the “Coronavirus Relief Fund” of $150 billion “in direct assistance for state, territorial and tribal governments” restricted how the money could be used, including that it could not help cover general revenue shortfalls not directly related to the pandemic. Additionally, Trump sought to dictate to cities how federal funding could be used and even threatened to withhold funding for cities that didn’t agree with his immigration agenda. 


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