WASHINGTON, DC – Politico earlier this month revealed that conservative kingpin Leonard Leo’s Concord Fund registered to lobby on “issues related to government oversight.” These “issues” have remained vague — until now. New reporting from The Messenger this week revealed that key House Republicans infamous for sham investigations are leading a probe into DC Attorney General Brian Schwalb’s ongoing investigation of Leo and his shady nonprofit network — sparking questions about the extent of Concord Fund’s “oversight-related” lobbying.

There’s no bottom to how low the MAGA majority will go — so it’s no surprise that Jim Jordan and James Comer are launching one of their typical partisan stunts and interfering with the DC attorney general’s critical investigation to protect one of their own. It’s even less surprising that it’s all happening right after one of Leonard Leo’s key groups registered to lobby on ‘government oversight’ issues. At the very least, we’re watching Leo’s billion-dollar slush fund buy him influence, power, and MAGA politicians willing to do his bidding. Despite his best efforts to dodge all responsibility, Leo must be held accountable for his decades of influence-peddling and shady scheming,” said Accountable.US president Caroline Ciccone.

Politico previously revealed DC Attorney General Schwalb’s probe into Leonard Leo and his network of nonprofit groups, following reports that one of Leo’s nonprofits — registered as a charity — paid his for-profit company tens of millions of dollars in the two years since he joined the company. Weeks later, a progressive watchdog group filed a complaint with the DC attorney general and the IRS requesting an investigation into the services provided and whether Leo violated laws against using charities for personal enrichment.

Perhaps best known for his efforts to shape the current Supreme Court conservative majority and his ongoing involvement in the corruption crisis at the high court, Leonard Leo has a long history of shady backroom dealings and influence-peddling. Read the full Accountable.US memo detailing Leo’s circular profit scheme here.

Learn more about Leonard Leo, his dangerous agenda, and web of nonprofits at LeonardLeo.org.

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