Accountable.US Executive Director Tony Carrk released the following statement ahead of today’s House Natural Resources Committee on the Department of Interior’s 2024 budget request:

Anyone on this committee who wants to protect Americans' tax dollars should get behind President Joe Biden’s reforms to how much oil companies pay when they exploit national resources for private gain. The administration is prioritizing taxpayers over the Big Oil donors to this committee by making sure our resources are protected from wasteful industrial practices. This committee is guided more by the Big Oil CEOs trying to fix prices at the expense of hardworking Americans tired of paying exorbitant prices at the pump.”

Project 2025 is the Heritage Foundation’s plan to unravel oversight of large corporations. It aims to undo many of the policies sure to be under attack by the MAGA majority on the committee today.

Last week, Pioneer Resources CEO Scott Sheffield was blocked from joining ExxonMobil’s board after the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) found he had attempted to collude with OPEC to drive up energy prices. Both Pioneer and Exxon have held board seats with the organization that wrote Project 2025’s extreme provisions deregulating the oil industry.

Download Accountable.US’s research on the topic at this link .


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