Latest Jobless Claims Reach Nearly 22 Million in Four Weeks, Effectively Wiping Out All Jobs Gains Since Last Recession

WASHINGTON, D.C. The U.S. economy remains in total freefall, with 5.2 million more Americans joining the unemployment ranks this week. The total job loss over the last four weeks stands at roughly 22 million — effectively erasing the jobs gained since the recession of 2009 in just one month’s time. And yet, with no end to the economic hemorrhaging in sight, the Trump administration and the President’s allies in Congress are not even pretending to do all that they can to help millions of impacted families and small businesses regain a semblance of economic security. 

Dithering in the Face of a Depression: Several key Trump Cabinet members including the corporate attorney turned Labor Secretary Eugene Scalia “have been largely absent or have failed to use the powers of their agencies to respond.”  Major problems persist with Trump’s Small Business Administration’s (SBA) Paycheck Protection Program as many business owners on the brink of bankruptcy are told they’ll have to wait weeks for help instead of the promised three days — and the SBA and Mnuchin Treasury have no comment about it. Hurting families counting on stimulus checks promised by the administration are facing delays because the President insisted on having his name printed on them. And the McConnell-led Senate skipped town again last week after blocking a bill to not only boost assistance to small businesses, but also to address urgent needs for hospitals, state and local governments, and families who can’t afford food.

“Instead of taking offense at his own propaganda video showing he did nothing in February to prepare for the coming health and economic disaster, the President needs to focus on doing everything he can to contain the damage. But that’s clearly not happening,” said Kyle Herrig, president of Accountable.US. “Another 5.2 million jobs just evaporated, yet the President is not pushing his cabinet to show up to work and ensure the CARES Act is getting help to Americans as quickly as possible. The damage has been done by the administration’s slow and inept response to this crisis. The least he can do is take it seriously now.”


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