Anti-government extremists in sham “oversight” hearing have a close association to extremists groups seeking to undermine the federal government’s authority

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, the MAGA majority on the House Natural Resources Committee held a hearing to attack, fearmonger and misrepresent the Bureau of Land Management’s proposed Public Lands Rule, which would simply put conservation on equal footing with industry in terms of land use and balance a public land system that is vastly skewed in favor of extractive corporations. 

MAGA Extremists like Paul Gosar and Matt Rosendale are baselessly attacking this common sense public lands rule because their ultimate objective is to take public lands out of public lands. The venom in their opposition should come as no surprise given their past association with dangerous anti-government extremists.”

Kyle Herring, President of Accountable.US.

Rep. Gosar Claimed He “Started The Revolution” On January 6th. “”On January 6th, 2021, I was the one who started the revolution in regards to accountability of elections,” the Arizona Republican said to some applause.” [AZCentral, published 06/17/22]

Rosendale Said The Federal Government Should Transfer Land To The States Because Federal Land-Owning Agencies Including USFS And BLM Are Not Backed By The Constitution. “Republican U.S. House candidate Matt Rosendale is proposing that the federal government transfer Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management lands in Montana to the state to manage and control. Federal lands make up 35 percent of Montana. “The U.S. Constitution clearly defines the purpose for the federal government to retain land for post offices, batteries and things like that,” Rosendale said. “There is no call in the Constitution for the federal government to own national forests or BLM land and just to manage those additional lands.” [Billings Gazette, 04/18/14]

Rosendale Spoke At An Oath Keepers Rally In 2014.

[Flathead Memo, 04/24/14]

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