President Says He’ll Ignore Certain Requirements In CARES Act That Require Congressional Oversight

WASHINGTON D.C. – In his signing statement after signing the CARES Act — the coronavirus bailout package — President Trump made it clear that even a national emergency won’t prevent him from violating the law and refusing to let the American people know what he’s doing with their time and money. The President announced he would ignore provisions that require the Pandemic Response Inspector General to report to Congress and provisions that require that Congress be consulted if certain funds are reallocated.

Accountable.US president, Kyle Herrig, released the following statement:

“This president has shown time and time again that he believes he is above the law, and above the scrutiny of the American people. By refusing to uphold even the most basic transparency about where $500 billion of America’s tax dollars will be spent during the crisis, President Trump has once again found a new low. The entire country is struggling right now, and hardworking Americans must come first in any government response — today’s action by the president makes that less likely.”


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