Watchdog Group: Trump should sign checks for the American people before giving another favor to his polluting special interest allies

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Bloomberg is reporting that the Justice Department has decided to halt civil debt collection during the coronavirus pandemic, a move that will let companies stop paying the fines they owe for having violated environmental laws. 

In response, Accountable.US Director of Strategic Initiatives Chris Saeger issued the following statement: 

“Millions of Americans are unemployed and waiting for the President to literally sign their checks, but instead he’s bending over backward to help the dirty special interests that line his own pockets. The Trump administration’s response to a public health crisis seems to be focused on less accountability for the corporations that are endangering the air we breathe and the water we drink. ”  

According to the Bloomberg article, “The Justice Department routinely collects money from parties with various debts, including fines for violating settlement agreements. Now government lawyers are notifying debtors that they’re off the hook through May 31.” This follows separate news that EPA is relaxing its own enforcement of environmental violations.

Accountable.US has been closely tracking how corporations and political donors have been benefitting from the Trump administration’s reaction to the novel coronavirus. Learn more at


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