WASHINGTON, DC — Despite House Speaker McCarthy’s assertions otherwise, the extreme MAGA House Majority has no one to blame but themselves if the government is forced into a costly shutdown that would hurt the economy, furlough workers, and delay Social Security and VA benefits. While the U.S. Senate is advancing a strongly bipartisan resolution to responsibly keep the government lights on, MAGA House Republicans insist on pursuing partisan tactics and extreme proposals. Today, McCarthy is offering an unserious, unworkable, extreme, partisan bill with deep cuts that would hurt seniors, small businesses, veterans, children, students, and working families while doing nothing to actually improve our public safety and national security. It has virtually no chance of becoming law. Rather than do something constructive to help everyday Americans get ahead, the MAGA Majority is prioritizing partisan political stunts and manufacturing a crisis that could derail the economic recovery.

MAGA extremists like Marjorie Taylor Green and Matt Gaetz call the shots in the U.S. House, and they offer a lose-lose proposition: either extreme cuts aimed at seniors, families and kids, or a MAGA Shutdown that will hurt workers, and delay Social Security payments for seniors and benefits for veterans. Instead of focusing on the real priorities, keeping their word, and doing their jobs, the MAGA Majority keeps wasting time with political stunts and extreme proposals that would hurt everyday Americans. MAGA lawmakers try to hide behind debt ‘concerns’ proven phony by their deficit-ballooning proposal to give a trillion-dollar tax break to big corporations and billionaires.”

Accountable.US Executive Director Tony Carrk

With the government set to shut down October 1 unless Congress passes a bill to fund it, today’s non-starter continuing resolution is just the latest of the several unpopular and extreme MAGA House Republican proposals that include devastating cuts to investments that families depend on like Social Security, health care, childcare, education, food aid and more. These proposals include many of the same deep and harmful cuts the House Freedom Caucus failed to pass when they nearly forced the nation into a manufactured default crisis earlier this year. House Republicans are reneging on the deal they made just a few months ago during the manufactured debt ceiling crisis and holding the nation hostage once again. Instead, they should do their jobs and fund the government to take care of the needs of everyday Americans.

Some fringe-right House Republicans eager to perform more political stunts are even demanding President Biden be impeached and medication abortion be outlawed as part of the appropriations process.  The longer they play politics, the longer the delay in critical priorities like: Providing relief to communities hit by disasters; Fighting fentanyl trafficking and the overdose crisis; Protecting our national security.

And to add fuel to the fire, right-wing groups are cheering on a shutdown from the sidelines. Accountable.US released a memo outlining just how the MAGA majority is working hand in glove with extremist groups to hold the economy hostage once again. It details the far-right Washington groups that the MAGA majority continues to put over everyday Americans.

Learn more about the extremist groups that House Republicans are trying to please with their shutdown threats at MonitoringInfluence.org.

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