Accountable.US publishes Job Creators Network new 990

WASHINGTON, DC – A new tax filing obtained by Accountable.US, first covered in Politico, revealed that the Job Creators Network — the key conservative group behind the legal challenge to student loan forgiveness — used funds to bankroll extreme causes and facilitate Leonard Leo’s circular payment scheme, which is the subject of an ongoing DC attorney general investigation.

It’s no surprise that the group leading the charge against student debt forgiveness for Americans spent the rest of its time bankrolling extreme causes and facilitating Leo’s circular profit scheme. The Job Creators Network is just the latest pawn in Leo’s ongoing ploy to force a radical agenda on Americans and personally profit at the same time."

Accountable.US president Caroline Ciccone.

Despite the organization’s purported focus on “entrepreneurship” and student loans, its new filing shows bizarre expenses not at all connected to its stated mission. 

As Politico notes, “the group’s lone grant recipient listed on the filings appears to have little to do with issues of entrepreneurship or its student loan relief undertaking. The filing shows Job Creators Network wrote a $60,000 check last year to the Alan Dershowitz Legal Defense Trust, the legal defense fund set up to help famed legal scholar Alan Dershowitz defray the costs of a defamation lawsuit filed by an alleged Jeffrey Epstein victim and Dershowitz’s own, since-dismissed defamation lawsuit against CNN…More curious spending on the report discloses that JCN spent an unspecified amount on a “health club” membership and personal trainers for the group’s CEO Alfredo Ortiz. The group also reported spending more than $62,000 at the members-only Capitol Hill Club for fundraising and program expenses.”

Job Creators Network also played a role in Leonard Leo’s ongoing circular payment scheme. After taking more than $500,000 in funding from Leo’s network since 2020, Job Creators Network paid half of that funding back to Leo’s for-profit firm CRC Advisors — the latest in Leo’s long pattern of funneling money to ideologically-aligned groups and pocketing hundreds of thousands from these same groups through his for-profit firm.

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