April 27: Patients Over Pharma calls for Congress to protect HHS Inspector General from Trump bullying and intimidation

May 1: Trump Moves to Replace Watchdog Who Identified Critical Medical Shortages

Vox: “Trump’s purge of inspectors general continues. It’s an assault on good governance”

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, in the wake of President Trump’s move to replace Inspector General for the Department of Health and Human Services Christi Grimm, Patients Over Pharma called on Congress to pass legislation reversing this move and reiterated its call for Congress to protect Inspectors General from bullying and intimidation.


“President Trump is desperate to prevent the public from learning more about the corruption and incompetence inside his Department of Health and Human Services, but replacing the Inspector General who alerted us about critical supply shortages and testing delays is an appalling new low,” said Eli Zupnick, spokesman for Patients Over Pharma. “Congress must act immediately to keep Grimm in her job and make sure she, and all Inspectors General, are protected from Trump’s bullying and intimidation.”

On April 27th, Accountable.US president Kyle Herrig published an op-ed calling on Congress to protect the HHS IG: “These measures should include protections for the Office of Inspector General overseeing the Department of Health and Human Services, which must be shielded from bullying and pressure. Trump has already lashed out at Principal Deputy Inspector General Christi Grimm.”

Even before this latest attempt to silence Grimm, President Trump had made it clear that he didn’t like the way she was shining a spotlight on his Administration’s supply shortages and testing delays, and had shown a willingness to fire Inspectors General when he doesn’t like what they uncover.

Earlier this year, Patients Over Pharma released an updated and expanded version of their BigPharmasBestFriends.org website, which reveals the latest on Trump Administration officials who made millions of dollars from the pharmaceutical industry, the number of pharmaceutical companies and lobbying groups represented in the Trump administration, the revolving door between the Trump Administration and the pharmaceutical industry, and more.

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