The Supreme Court will today hear Moore v. US, the “billionaire bailout” case which threatens to deliver a major victory to multinational corporations and billionaires hoping to avoid paying their fair share in taxes.

Today’s oral argument comes in the midst of the ongoing Supreme Court corruption crisis, which has hinged on billionaire megadonors and their decades-long improper relationships with justices. As none of the conflicted justices have recused, they will rule on their billionaire friends’ interests in Moore v. US.

The case itself is a product of billionaire interests. Accountable.US research found that the Competitive Enterprise Institute, the key group behind the case, drove the pending lawsuit to push its corporate funders’ anti-tax agenda. A coalition of far-right groups backed by conservative kingpin Leonard Leo’s dark money network forced the case to the high court. And key billionaires with ties to the high court stand to massively benefit if their friends on the court deliver a favorable ruling.

This Supreme Court has a billionaire problem. Its growing corruption crisis was brought on by justices’ decades-long improper relationships with their billionaire benefactors, brought together by “billionaire matchmaker” Leonard Leo. The last thing these conflicted justices should be ruling on is a case to bail out their billionaire friends — forced up to the court by an extremist group tied up with these same billionaires and special interests. It’s far past time that our Supreme Court answer to everyday Americans, not billionaire buddies.”

Accountable.US President Caroline Ciccone

Not one Supreme Court justice has recused from Moore, despite deep conflicts for multiple justices. Justice Alito rejected direct calls from Senate Judiciary Democrats even after he sat for interviews with David Rivkin, the lawyer for the plaintiffs in Moore and Leonard Leo’s personal attorney.

Ahead of the term, Accountable.US led over 40 watchdog and accountability groups in sending a letter to Chief Justice John Roberts demanding he ensure conflicted justices recuse themselves from key cases. Accountable.US also launched a campaign highlighting the corrupt Court on the first day of its new term.

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