Washington, DC — All eyes are on Speaker Kevin McCarthy and the MAGA House Majority to press pause on their partisan political games and responsibly pass a clean bill allowing the nation to pay its bills as the U.S. Treasury Department now projected the government to fall into an unprecedented, disastrous default as soon as June 1st. The consequences of a manufactured MAGA default are far too dire for the economy and everyday Americans to continue to be recklessly used as a political bargaining chip to exact harmful cuts against millions of veterans, seniors, and children while protecting tax breaks for billionaires and big corporations. 

Whatever statement Speaker McCarthy and the MAGA Majority think they’re making by forcing the nation into a default will certainly be lost on the millions of seniors, veterans and working families who would shoulder all the pain of the resulting MAGA recession, interest rate hikes, and disruptions in critical benefits. The time to debate cuts is during the annual budget process -- not around a standard procedure to pay the nation’s bills, like Republicans in Congress did without complaint 3 times during the Trump administration as they ballooned the deficit by trillions with wasteful corporate tax breaks. As the nation faces an avoidable catastrophe one month from today, it’s time Speaker McCarthy stop playing a dangerous game of chicken with the economy and the lives of millions of Americans – and instead pass a clean bill to pay the nation’s bills before lasting damage is done.”

Liz Zelnick, Director of Accountable.US’ Economic Security & Corporate Power
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