A Big Oil company CEO with a history of colluding with OPEC to fix prices financially supported one of the authors of the oil and gas section of the controversial Project 2025 plan, which is the conservative movement’s plan for a future administration to roll back environmental protections.

There is a direct line between profit-driven Big Oil CEOs, the dangerous policies propagated by Project 2025, and the special interests who wrote it. Americans simply can’t afford the corporate deregulations Big Oil companies are trying to force through this irresponsible scheme.”

Tony Carrk, Executive Director of Accountable.US

Here’s more background on the ties between Pioneer Resources CEO Scott Sheffield and Project 2025:

  • The FTC Found That Scott Sheffield, Pioneer’s Founder, Past CEO, And Board Member “Colluded With OPEC” To Raise Crude Oil Prices. “The FTC said Thursday that Scott Sheffield, who founded Pioneer in 1997, colluded with OPEC and OPEC+ to potentially raise crude oil prices. Sheffield retired from the company in 2016, but he returned as president and CEO in 2019, served as CEO from 2021 to 2023, and continues to serve on the board. Since Jan. 1, he has served as special adviser to the company’s chief executive.” [Associated Press, 05/02/240]

  • Thomas Sheffield And His Oil Company Pioneer Natural Resources Have Given Nearly $8,000 To Western Energy Alliance’s Political Action Committee. [Center for Responsive Politics, accessed 05/07/24]

  • Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts Said Project 2025 Recruits Would “Begin Dismantling The Administrative State From Day 1.” “In 2016, the conservative movement was not prepared to flood the zone with conservative personnel,” Dr. Roberts said. “On Jan. 20, 2025, things will be very different. This database will prepare an army of vetted, trained staff to begin dismantling the administrative state from Day 1.” [The New York Times, 4/20/23]

Download Accountable.US’s full research on this matter at this link.


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