WASHINGTON, D.C. Late Friday, Salon reported that during Amy Coney Barrett’s tenure on the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, she overturned a District Court ruling in Shonda Martin v. Milwaukee County, concerning a 19-year old pregnant prison inmate who was repeatedly raped by a prison guard, ruling that the county responsible for the prison could not be held liable because the sexual assaults fell outside of the guard’s official duties. 

“Amy Coney Barrett’s judgment demonstrates a level of unconscionable cruelty that has no place on the high court,” said Kyle Herrig, president of Accountable.US. “The only thing more concerning than the rush to confirm by Senate Republicans is what we are learning about Amy Coney Barrett’s extremist record. It is hardly surprising that she has dodged question after question during her testimony.” 

Read the full story from Salon.com here


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