Today, in what was billed as an exclusive interview with alt-right outlet Breitbart News, Health and Human Services Sec. Alex Azar doubled down on President Trump’s repeated advice to take the drug Chloroquine as an experimental treatment for COVID-19 — even after an Arizona couple ended up in critical care following an apparent attempt to self-medicate for the virus with Chloroquine Phosphate earlier this week. The husband later died

Specifically, Azar lauded Trump’s commitment to “unproven therapies that have not been established as safe for use by the FDA.”

“It is Alex Azar’s job to keep the American people safe and healthy. For the Health and Human Services Secretary to tout treatments that have not been approved by the FDA in the middle of a public health crisis is profoundly reckless,” said Kyle Herrig, president of Accountable.US. “People are scared, and they’re looking to their government leaders for guidance. If they can’t trust the nation’s health department to offer safe, proven medical advice, who can they trust?”


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