WASHINGTON, D.C. As Homeland Security Secretary-nominee Alejandro Mayorkas’s nomination heads to the full Senate for a confirmation vote after being approved in committee today, Accountable.US is calling on Congress to immediately rescind the Trump administration’s harmful immigration policies at the Department of Homeland Security. By invoking the Congressional Review Act, Congress can repeal the Trump administration’s discriminatory rules governing H-1B visas and H-2B visas. Under the CRA, rules enacted during the previous 60 legislative days – in this case, dating back to last August – may be overturned by Congress with a simple majority.

“Donald Trump launched his campaign for president on an anti-immigrant platform and he spent four years working to block any and all foreign workers from supporting American businesses, all to advance his xenophobic agenda,” said Chris Saeger, spokesperson for Accountable.US. “It’s time for Congress to put an end to what remains of the Trump era and strike his rules using the Congressional Review Act.”

A non-partisan federal watchdog, Accountable.US has released full documentation for the corrupt origins of these harmful policies on its Damage Control site, which catalogs solutions to harmful Trump policies the Biden administration and Congress should pursue to make the government work for all Americans again.


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